Base2000 ®

Base2000® is a sophisticated, mainframe-based card processing & management system by FIS used by major banks and financial institutions throughout the world. It supports variety of cards such as bank cards, retail cards, smart cards, commercial cards and so on. Base2000® supports end to end card lifecycle that includes;

attra base2000

Typically, FIS owns the technical build and implementation services for any business hosting their card portfolio on Base2000®. However, a bank requires support around integration, testing, support and various consultancy services that are part of such implementations. With Attra’s niche focus on card and payment services, it is uniquely positioned to provide all such services under a single banner.

A bank can leverage on Attra’s capabilities in the following key areas;

  • Migration from any existing system onto Base2000® and vice versa that typically requires gap analysis, data mapping, migration strategy and implementation
  • Configuration Management or Parameter Management on Base2000®
  • Integration Services with external banking applications through exposed API’s
  • Testing Services that include Vanilla Platform Testing, System Integration Services or on-behalf User Acceptance Testing Services
  • Support services that include level 1 and level 2 support
  • General consultancy services such as functional Business Analysts
  • Project Management Services

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