FDR processing platform was developed by First Data with the intent to serve issuersmerchants and consumers. FDR is fully compliant with all major payment schemes supporting a wide variety of payment cards and merchant processing features. The application is parameter driven with a highly configurable interface on an SOA architecture.

Some product offerings on First Data FDR platform:

    • FDR Retail Processing (PLCC)
    • Commercial Cards
    • Debit Processing
    • EMV Standard
    • Enterprise Presentation
    • Multipurpose health Cards
    • Industry products (VISA , MC, AMEX, Discover)
    • Lending
    • Materials Management
    • Merchant processing
    • Rewards
    • Web-services


Our professional experience covers key modules of FDR including;

    • Authorisation system
    • Application Processing System
    • Customer Inquiry Management system (CIMS)
    • Cardholder communication
    • Cardholder letters
    • Customer Inquiry System (CIS)
    • Chargebacks
    • Collections & Debt Management
    • Correspondence Director
    • Custom Fees
    • Decision Management system (Both 3270 & GUI)
    • Electronic Ticket Capture
    • Electronic Communication Services
    • Fraud Detection System
    • Group Processing
    • Monetary Entry
    • PIN management system
    • Reports Management
    • Rules Management
    • Settlement
    • Strategy management
    • Tax Processing


We provide services spanning on FDR spanning the following areas:

  • Project Management , Business Analysis and Consultancy
  • End to End FDR Testing Services
  • Automation Services

Contact us at info@attra.com to know more.