First Data’s VisionPLUS® is a trusted platform employed by several leading financial institutions globally for payments processing and servicing. VisionPLUS® enables clients to issue, acquire and process credit, debit, commercial and prepaid transactions, as well as handle loan account processing and merchant management on a single, secure platform.
Attra’s association with VisionPLUS® and related work dates back to its formative years in Australia from 1995. During this long journey of over 20 years, Attra has not only gained tremendous experience in the nuances of the product but also provided value to its customers in all facets of delivery on this product and its interfaces offered in the cards and payments domain. Attra is now a ‘Service Delivery Partner’ to First Data that enhances clients’ overall experience from inception to implementation (Press Release).

Attra’s experience in the product encompasses the entire VisionPLUS® family of products that includes;

    • VisionPLUS 2.5X on AS/400 and Mainframes
    • VisionPLUS 8.X on Mainframes
    • VisionPLUS Flex on SUSE Linux
    • FirstVision as a First Data Processing Platform


Attra’s offerings on the platform include all forms of consultancy services (Business Analysts), Project Management, Development (Build) Services, Testing Services (System Integration Testing, User Acceptance testing, Performance Testing) and Support Services (24X7 Level 1, 2 and 3 support). Attra also offers a bundled end to end managed services to independently manage and run an SLA driven service on a bank’s VisionPLUS® platform.

Attra’s VisionPLUS® services experience ranges from new VisionPLUS® implementations, VisionPLUS® upgrades (one version of VisionPLUS® to another), card portfolio migrations from any card management platform onto VisionPLUS® platform and vice versa, VisionPLUS® customizations for local business and functional requirements of a bank, VisionPLUS® Compliance mandate implementations from schemas such as Visa and MasterCard, fully managed System Integration Testing or On-Behalf User Acceptance Testing, Performance Testing as well as offshore managed, SLA driven, ITIL compliant, 24X7 Support & Incident Management Services.

Attra is well versed in working with VisionPLUS® source code through the First Data provided VisionPLUS SDK (Solution Development Kit) or through client hosted change control platforms such as ChangeMan.

VisionPLUS® Module Expertise

Attra’s expertise spans across all modules of VisionPLUS® . Some of the key modules include;

bulletCredit Decision Management (CDM)– Credit application processing and account opening
bulletCredit Management System (CMS)– Account credit processing module
bulletCollections Tracking Analysis (CTA)– Delinquent accounts collections and tracking module
bulletAccount Services Management (ASM)– Customer services module
bulletFinancial Authorization System (FAS)– Financial transactions authorizations module
bulletLetters tracking System (LTS)– Letter generation module
bulletSecurity Sub System (SSC & WSS)– User access control module
bulletInterchange Tracking System (ITS)– Dispute tracking module
bulletTransaction Management System (TRAMS)– Front-end processor for batched transactions
bulletMerchant BankCard System (MBS)– Merchant acquiring system
bulletVisionPLUS® Messaging eXchange (VMx)– XML messaging gateway to VisionPLUS®
bulletHierarchy company system (HCS)– Supports commercial card clients
bulletLoyalty Management System (LMS)– Managing of loyalty points based on transactions done
bulletKey Management System (KMS)– Key generation and maintenance
bulletEMV Scripting System (ESS)– Rules engine based EMV script management
bulletOffer Management System (OMS)– Marketing campaign management for account holders

VisionPLUS® Interfaces

A banking enterprise typically consists of multiple interfacing applications that include off-the-shelf products as well as proprietary products developed to serve the bank’s purpose. Attra’s experience combines core platform experience on VisionPLUS® that includes interfacing and integrating with other applications. Some standard interfaces that Attra has had experience working with include;

    • Origination Platforms: All banking environments typically commission origination platforms that require integration with the core backend platform. Attra has experience working across multiple such platforms that include PowerCurve®, FinnOne® etc.
    • Switching Platforms : Switching platforms are integral to a bank to manage transaction switching between merchants, acquirers, retailers and interchanges. Attra’s core experience in switching applications such as Postilion®, Base24®, Connex®, Sparrow®, IST® etc complements the backend VisionPLUS® services.
    • Core Banking Platforms :Core Banking platforms are typically integrated for debit card authorization and management with the card management system such as VisionPLUS® . Attra’s experience covers prominent core banking applications such as Finacle®, T24® etc.
    • Fraud & Risk Management Platforms : While VisionPLUS® offers fraud management solutions, such decisions are complemented by applications such as FICO’s FALCON® and TRIAD® to enable better decision making process for authorizations, account behavior etc. Attra has integrated such platforms with VisionPLUS® to provide a consolidated working system.
    • Personalization & Embossing : Generation of personalized card plastic with or without EMV capabilities requires integration with such devices with the core output generated by VisionPLUS®.
    • Data warehouse & analytics platforms : Typically, the data generated by VisionPLUS® is downloaded and archived into data warehouse applications. Analytics and BI tools are further commissioned for reactive and predictive analytics.
    • Collection platforms : Delinquency and Collections are managed through VisionPLUS®, however, Attra has successfully integrated with third party Collection platforms that a bank may choose to use.
    • Other essential platforms : Letters, statements, HSM (Thales etc), Loyalty applications, TSP (Token Service Providers), TSM (Trusted Service Manager) etc are integrated with core VisionPLUS® to perform the requisite functions as may be required by a bank. Attra has been involved in such implementations as well.

Specialized Skills

More details on Attra’s VisionPLUS® capabilities and skills spread and offerings can be explored through the following links;

  • VisionPLUS Development Services
  • Compliance Services
  • Production Support Services
  • Version Upgrade Services
  • Interface Integration Services
  • Portfolio Migration Services

Some very specific requirements on VisionPLUS that Attra has addressed is listed below;

    • EMV migration & implementation
    • File sets & segmentation
    • Scheme certifications
    • TRAMS AG
    • New product launches
    • Loans solutions & Instalment Schemes, etc


Why Attra?

Attra commands one of the largest pools of VisionPLUS® professionals covering the gamut of services that any bank or third party processor may require. Attra’s credentials also cover the following;

  • CMMi level 5 organization
  • Enterprise wide certified PCI DSS V3.0 company that provides fully secure premises with strict data governance policies
  • Wide range of VisionPLUS® projects for the past 20 years
  • Clientele includes leading global banks, third party processors and financial institutions in various geographies from the US, Europe, Middle East & Africa, India, Australia and parts of South East Asia
  • Cost effective solutions with best shoring model – a combination of onshore, near-shore and offshore based execution
  • Fully tested and implemented business continuity plan (BCP) across multiple offshore centers
  • Experience in various execution models for VisionPLUS® projects
    • SLA driven Managed Services
    • Fixed Price or Outcome based engagements
    • Time and material as well as Professional Services
  • Ability to participate in an agile or traditional model of engagement


For any of the VisionPLUS® project, Attra’s methodology developed with deep expertise in the application, addresses specific areas within individual projects.