Attra believes in a meritocracy, where success and progress are based on talent and competence. Here your ability to the determine the success of your team measures your performance. You will be challenged and stimulated in an environment intended to deliver quality service solution to our clients. Your ability to deliver will be proportional to your ability to excel.
At whatever stage of your career you join the company – whether as an intern, a new associate or a professional with years of experience – you become a real part of the team, with a substantial part to play in delivering success.

From the day you arrive the opportunity and guidance required to advance your careers will be provided. Attra’s commitment to the development of a professional’s career within the organisation is maintained through an expansive training curriculum, mentorship and on-the-job experience.

With service capabilities demonstrated and delivered across 5 continents, the differences in work environments and situations exposes you to global perspectives on execution, delivery and achievement.

With the range and experience of the professionals available from project to project, the interactions foster the environment of development that enables you to achieve your goals.