Training & Development

The genesis of the Odyssey training school came from a need to create a generation of employees who would embody the essence of the principles, work culture, ideology and spirit of Attra.The goal of the school is to build an individual’s career in the Banking and Financial Services Industry with a specialization in Management, Technology or Business Analysis.
Attra’s approach towards the growth of an individual’s career has been one of professional development through various media. The medium includes a work environment that facilitates interdisciplinary learning, provides interaction with culturally diverse people via international assignments and provides formal specialised training.

The Odyssey initiative is the result of Attra’s approach to career development and is based on careers paths identified across our organisation – Project Management, Technical Development and Business Analysis.

The Project Management School (PROMAS) and the Miles Program are the cornerstones of the Odyssey Program Foundations. The Project Management School programs are designed to develop and enhance project management skills of Project Managers, Project Leads and Teams Leads. The Miles programs are designed for specialisation in either Technical Development or Business Analysis based on an employee’s individual preference.

These programs were developed in conjunction with Senior Managers, Technical and Functional Leads to assess the kinds of modules and skills that would be essential to the development and progress of a career in the banking and financial services domain and at Attra.Odyssey has been built to fulfill Attra’s commitment towards the growth and development of career professionals.