Senior Management Team

Anil Gammampila Founder and Chairman x Anil is the founder of Attra and currently serves as chairman of the board. Besides guiding Attra’s strategic direction, Anil focuses his attention on three areas close to his heart: technology, delivery and quality. In championing these causes, Anil enjoys working closely with the younger generation of the Attra[…]

Our Customers

Our Customers Banks & Financial Institutions Third Party Payment Processors Attra’s customers span across 19 countries from 5 continents including North America, Europe, Asia, Middle East & Africa and Australia. Our primary customers include banks and third party payment processors (TPP). Our service offerings to our customers include one or all of the services mentioned[…]

About Us

Attra is a multinational IT solutions and services delivery firm focused on banking, finance and payments industry. We provide a broad range of IT services including Consultancy, Application Management, Testing, Portfolio Migration, Production Support, System Integration, Automation and Digital services covering mobility and business intelligence. We address the changing needs of business with solutions that[…]