Testing Lending Application

Traditionally, a bank’s lending of money has been considered as an important source of finance to itself. The bank as a purveyor of credit is also one of the beneficiary on the returns of its lending. This feature has made banks and financial lending entities invest in implementing the best lending application to launch their[…]

Risk Based Testing with intelligence

With the proliferation of Digital transformation leading to adoption of Agile methodologies and DevOps, clients need delivery of quality products/services with reduced Time-to-Market and Cost. As there are Time and/or Cost constraints, IT QA is expected to use the time efficiently and effectively with prioritized testing based on risks that impact customers or business, if[…]

Test Design Accelerator

Innovative test design approach A fish bone analysis reveals the causal factor of defects slipping into production. It stems from two critical phases in any SDLC – either during requirement analysis phase or whilst building the software application. It is only a comprehensive domain centric test design that can uncover such incidents. The approach to[…]

ETL Testing

Comprehensive testing of a data warehouse at every point throughout the ETL (extract, transform, and load) process is becoming increasingly important as more data is being collected and used for strategic decision-making. Data warehouse or ETL testing is often initiated as a result of mergers and acquisitions, compliance and regulations, data consolidation, and the increased[…]

Reusable Test Suite – Why & How?

What are the top 5 buzz words that come to one’s mind when one thinks of customer expectations from the point of view of providing testing services? Obviously Cost, Quality, Defect Leakage, Automation and quite a few more. To me, ‘Reusability’ is definitely one amongst them. Unfortunately it is one of those loosely used terms without[…]

Software Transformation – Envisioning Skill Sets for Future Testers

“With emerging trends and technologies having a huge impact on daily business, human engineering is one integral skill that can balance the business get going with latest trends. Competence around domain, insights into business strategy, design process, and innovative resources are keys to business and software integration with expected accuracy and speed.” Introduction Testing is[…]