Terminal Management

ATM Service Offerings POS Service Offerings With branch network optimization leading to a reduction in the number of branches, ATM’s have become a significant channel for consumers to address their banking requirements without the aid of a branch representative or teller. ATM’s are no longer simply a channel to dispense cash but have assumed a[…]


Attra provides testing services across the banking, financial services and payments domain. Our testing services cover the entire gamut of functional and non-functional testing needs that a bank, financial institution or a third party payment processor may require. Attra’s established test practice has built a well-defined test delivery framework and methodologies with repeatable processes. Our[…]


Attra provides high end consulting services in the banking, financial services and payments domain. Our consulting and professional services include business analysis, project management, solution architecture as well as advisory services. Our domain experts (business analysts, project managers, solution architects) work with our customers to understand their needs and advise on the available options to[…]


With rapidly proliferating technologies and increasing inter-connectedness that renders yesterday’s technology obsolete today, it is no surprise that Banks & FIs are looking at digital transformations that enable them to understand customer behavior and connect with them in ways that were just not possible before. The definition of the digital domain remains far and wide[…]


Testing occupies a significant portion of the software development lifecycle, both in terms of cost and time.  Manual execution of test cases is not only a costly and time consuming exercise but is also prone to error. Automation of testing can be the panacea that leverages software tools to execute pre-scripted tests on any software[…]

Application Management

Attra’s application management services cover key applications maintained by banks, financial institutions and third party payment processors. Our strong domain focus and parallel service verticals such as Consulting, Testing, Automation & Integration Services dovetail with the end to end application management services extended by Attra. Our application management experience covers card management applications, switching applications,[…]

System Integration

With a plethora of technological innovations, omni-channel support, increased customer offerings as well as organic/inorganic growth in banks, the complexity of the banking landscape has reached dizzying proportions. The addition of applications & appliances into the banking architecture require robust integration between applications to ensure integrity of data provided and consumed as well as a[…]