EMV Services

EMV is a technical standard for smart card payments and payment terminals that is managed by EMV Co. This consortium has control split among Visa, MasterCard, JCB, American Express, China Union pay and Discover.  EMV cards provide additional security over magnetic stripe cards with additional validations allowing issuers to check if the card is authentic. Also the new mobile payments (mobile wallets) uses EMV standards using NFC technology.

EMV migration is completed in all major markets like Europe, Australia and many Asia Pacific countries with all major schemes except for in the United States of America. EMV migration in United States is planned from October 2015. The US faces unique challenges in its implementation of EMV such as provision for multiple unaffiliated networks for purchase at any merchant outlet.

Implementation of EMV for any issuer/acquirer requires adequate thought around multiple factors such as (and not limited to) contact and/or contactless EMV, card verification methods, offline/online processing, risk authentication methods as well as technical complexities such as scripting, cryptographic functions that require a sound knowledge of algorithms and structure of messages for each scheme. The implementation itself requires a robust migration strategy to move away from the magnetic stripe to the chip based card while maintaining an unimpeded customer experience.

We offer end to end services for EMV that covers all aspects your organization may need from a services standpoint. Contact us @ info@attra.com if your needs fall into any of the following areas to leverage on our vast experience in similar implementations globally;

  • Process Roadmap

  • Design Consultation, Configuration
    & Implementation

  • Migration Strategy

  • EMV Training

  • Project Management

  • Key Management/Transfer

  • Personalization parameters

  • Certification Testing