Mobility Services

Payments are inexorably moving towards the mobile world. The rapid advent of smartphones has created possibilities of financial inclusion where none existed less than a decade ago. We have seen higher focus on mobile based payments with focus areas such as digital wallets (proximity wallets and remote wallets), mobile as a POS, mobile on a POS etc. NFC technologies have further ushered in the era of contactless payments through a mobile based device instead of the traditional plastics.

As organizations face the reality of the increasing adoption of mobility in payments through card emulation technologies such as “Secure Element” based mobile payments and the more recent “Over the air” Host Card emulation, banks are faced with the dual challenge of its implementation, regulatory aspects as well as the security and risk related aspects that have to be considered anew. We have witnessed new participants mushrooming in the payments cycle in the form of Trusted Service Managers (TSM), Tokenization Service Providers (TSP) as well as involvement of Mobile Network Operators (MNO). Mobile manufacturers and OEM’s such as Apple and Samsung are moving fiercely to carve their niche in the payments space with embedded secure chips in their devices as well as the “X”Pay (ApplePay, SamsungPay, AndroidPay etc) services that provide the means of enabling fast and secure payments.

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