Attra successfully completes a large scale transformation project with card portfolio migration on VisionPLUS for a leading Swiss Bank

Attra, a leading IT solutions and services delivery provider with its focus in banking, finance and payments industry has successfully completed a large portfolio migration engagement for a leading Swiss Bank. The Bank offers a wide range of products including Cards, Loans, Leasing and Savings products and had undertaken a system transformation.

Attra, First Data’s partner on the VisionPLUS suite of products, was selected by the Bank to provide end-to-end services on VisionPLUS, the core receivables platform. The engagement scope included VisionPLUS installation, data migration and transformation from the old to the new system, design and development on VisionPLUS and technical support throughout the program duration. Attra also established a Testing Center of Excellence (TCoE) for the Bank, providing test execution on the core VisionPLUS platform as well as the surrounding satellite systems, automating testing activities and performing Load and Performance testing in the relevant areas.

In addition, Attra provided critical support towards integration of the Fraud Management System, Falcon and installation of a new Middleware between the front-end systems and VisionPLUS.

Attra also assisted the Bank by providing extensive VisionPLUS training to the Bank’s staff including business users and IT personnel.

The program spanned over 20 months and was concluded within the planned duration, with minimal disruption to critical business functions such as transaction Authorizations and customer service.

Acknowledging Attra’s contribution to the program, the Bank‘s Chief Information Officer and Co-Program Sponsor said “

Working with our partner Attra on this engagement was an outstanding experience

Attra showed their motivation, engagement and experience and gained our trust very quickly.

Due to Attra’s outstanding expertise and dedicated commitment, and within very ambitious timelines, we managed to execute the very complex technical separation from a global company in a true collaborative way. I have never experienced such a seamless migration procedure and execution – including multiple dress rehearsals and test runs – as this one.

They involved the right people and worked very close with the teams and senior management as a true implementation partner on our core receivable system.

We gained so much trust with Attra due to their promised delivery and expertise that we continue to engage them for the ongoing operations of the migrated system. “

Attra continues its association with the Bank by providing development and testing services and production support services on VisionPLUS, Postilion and Changeman applications.