Design Accelerator

Attra’s Design Accelerator uses a domain centric framework that provides a standardized approach to Test Design & Planning by capturing all transactions, attributes and values to record the business requirements in its entirety during the requirement gathering phase, while also considering interfacing transactions to third party systems and channels. It assists development of End to End scenarios to align with banks business processes and rules, accommodates validations aligned to business specific Regulatory/ Compliance norms while covering specific areas of interest such as accounting entries and MIS Reports. This tool is platform independent and is suitable for any Banking requirement for generation of scenario based coverage of test design & planning. It enables delivering of a tailor made Test Lifecycle Management Solution reducing effort, time and cost in testing and provides the following advantages:-

  • Framework Pattern: Using an easy to understand matrix format framework which makes Test Design and Execution simpler
  • Process Led Design Methodology: Promoting a process based approach to design and ensures standard outputs
  • Improves Gap Identification: By eliciting implicit requirements and uncovers gap early in test design phase
  • Promotes Optimization:  Through the Rule of N and proven mathematical approach, all transaction combinations with high coverage of business requirements is assured without compromising functional coverage.
  • Macro Enabled: Framework built on robust macros brings in partial automation reducing reasonable effort in Test Design while allowing changes for bespoke customer specific design, as the case may be.
  • Automation Ready Frameworks: Compatible with automation scripting frameworks and provides a direct feeds to enable commencement of automation test planning to begin early in test design cycle thereby reducing overall effort

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