Banks and ATM Service Providers may have ATM’s distributed across a wide geo range with no single consolidated solution of monitoring the ATM & server status or the portfolio performance.

Our solution, Sentry, is designed to do give you a real time status update, monitoring solutions and a lot more!

Sentry can be easily configured to give user-defined access levels allowing the operator a web based, responsive and easy to work with UI to view the vital system parameters in a single view. The in-built mini data warehouse holds transaction data that allows slicing and dicing of data to generate relevant trends from an aggregation of data.

Sentry has the provision to configure alerts based on thresholds set for various parameters under observation. The customizable dashboards allow the users to place portlets as per the determined priority thus allowing flexible monitoring controls through the application.
Sentry can be configured to readily work with your EFT switching application. The solution is already in a ready-to-deploy status with Postilion monitoring.

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