Terminal Management

With branch network optimization leading to a reduction in the number of branches, ATM’s have become a significant channel for consumers to address their banking requirements without the aid of a branch representative or teller. ATM’s are no longer simply a channel to dispense cash but have assumed a quick and convenient access point for a number of value added services to the customer for all their banking requirements.

Our expertise and global experience on ATM services helps Banks and White label ATM service providers alike to implement, manage and maintain their ATM network. Our focus is on operational efficiency, cost saving, compliance, high availability, customer & consumer satisfaction.

Our services on ATM’s includes and is not limited to;

  • Implementation Services
    • Upgrade ATM OS
    • Migrate/Upgrade Terminal Software
    • EMV capability
  • 24/7 ATM Monitoring Services
    • Terminal Driving
    • Cash Monitoring
    • Online alerts
  • ATM Management Services
    • Key Management
    • Terminal Management
    • Electronic Journal (EJ) Management
    • Troubleshooting
  • Development Services
    • Download Builder application development for different protocols
    • Transaction Development like NFC, Security card integration, Wallet, DCC & Forex
    • Customizable receipts
    • Remote graphics
    • Video overlays
    • Web service Messages
    • Error Handling
  • Testing Services
    • Terminal Testing
    • Terminal Certification
    • MTIP+
    • ADVT
    • Functionality Testing
    • ATM Software Testing
    • OS & EMV Upgrade Testing
    • Devices: ATM, CCDM, ITM, Slim line and Cash recycler modules

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The marketplace for POS systems is undergoing a major transformation. Changing payment options including greater use of credit cards, loyalty points and mobile payments has created an alternative, complementary solution to the erstwhile large fixed function POS, or a minimal function cash register. The popularity of tablets and other handheld devices has made mobile POS solutions an attractive option. Newer modes of payment acceptance such as QR codes and NFC have significantly altered the design of POS solutions in the market. POS systems are now more tightly integrated into business processes to support omni-channel, customer engagement and other business enhancing initiatives.

Our expertise around POS solutions cover both EMV and non-EMV applications. Our POS team comprises of professionals with in-depth domain expertise in development, testing, maintenance and support of POS application systems. We support various POS applications such as credit/debit, smart cards and VAS (Value Added services) such as loyalty and prepaid services.

We offer end to end services across a broad range of areas with experience covering all forms of POS services including;

  • Credit and Debit applications
  • Prepaid applications
  • PC based POS applications
  • Contact and Contactless EMV applications and non-EMV applications
  • Wireless POS solutions (CDMA/GPRS/GSM)
  • Multi Applications on one POS terminal
  • Multi currency (Dynamic Currency Conversions)
  • EMI and Quick EMI applications
  • MPOS applications
  • Loyalty applications
  • Utility payment applications
  • MasterCard (Collis 4.9.5,BTT 5.1.0,TSE 220), Visa, AMEX, JCB, Union Pay, Chip V, MyClear

Our services include development, testing, PCI Compliance, POS Certifications, code migration, integration with back office systems/TMS (Terminal Management System), maintenance and support services

Product Expertise

  • Verifone
  • Ingenico
  • PineLabs

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