BASE24® suite of products (Classic and eps) are used to acquire, authenticate, route, switch, and authorize financial transactions across multiple channels.
BASE24® Classic is a retail payment switch providing banks, retailers and processors a fault tolerant and robust high performance platform. It is used for managing card products as well as for driving terminals besides acting as a payment switch. Running on high availability HP NonStop servers, BASE24® Classic has been widely used by large financial institutions to process payment transactions. With a modular design, interfacing with all major schemes, terminal driving capabilities and option to customize, BASE24® Classic is a flexible yet comprehensive switching solution.

BASE24-eps® is the open systems implementation of the payment switch. Is uses an object-oriented design and enterprise services architecture which assists in minimizing the time to market for new products on the platform.

Attra’s service offerings on BASE24®

Attra provides consultancy, migration, testing and production support services on the BASE24® platforms. Attra also offers services for migration from BASE24® Classic to BASE24-eps® . Attra’s expertise on BASE24® covers the following modules:

  • BASE24® core modules
    • XPNET
    • DH/HPDH
    • HISO
    • BICI
    • HSM
  • BASE24® interchanges
    • Visa
    • Mastercard
    • NFS
    • Rupay
    • Amex
    • VisionPLUS
    • Dinners
    • EMV
    • Euronet
  • BASE24® Software
    • BASE24® ATM
    • BASE24® POS
    • BASE24® Card
    • BASE24® Refresh and Extract
    • BASE24® interchange interface
  • Hardware
    • HP Nonstop Tandem Server
  • BASE24® consultancy services – Attra’s domain and subject matter experts can assist a bank in the following areas;
    • Formulating migration strategies from its current platform onto BASE24®
    • Integration considerations for surrounding applications and interfaces to BASE24® that run out of the banks’ platforms
    • Operational considerations for running the banks’ portfolio on BASE24®
  • BASE24® testing services – Testing services covering;
    • Vanilla version testing (platform testing)
    • System Integration Testing with associated interfaces
    • On-behalf User Acceptance Testing
    • Scheme Certification Testing Services
    • Biannual Compliance mandate release
  • BASE24® migration services – Attra can provide migration services to replace a legacy switch with BASE24® Classic or BASE24-eps® as well as BASE24® Classic to BASE24-eps® migration. As a part of this, Attra’s experts can do an indepth system analysis to identify gaps, prepare detailed migration strategy and manage the entire switch execution project.
  • BASE24® support services – Attra can provide L1 and L2 support services that cover all operational issues and incidents on the core BASE24® platform. All customer and bank operational incidents can be analyzed by Attra as the first level of investigation.


Business Benefits

  • Attra’s past experience with migrations to BASE24® or simply assisting bank in its daily operations on the core platform will ensure that all skill gaps that the bank may need are immediately overcome
  • Attra can provide end to end services from its PCI DSS certified offshore and nearshore premises with an optimal onshore presence thus providing requisite services in a cost effective manner ensuring business continuity
  • Attra’s resource spread across skill levels include consultants, subject matter experts, test analysts and executors who have worked exclusively on this domain
  • Attra largely established test center of excellence has standardized test repositories with thousands of reusable artefacts that bring a set of proven delivery frameworks, methodologies as well as automation capabilities

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