Card Portfolio Transformation Services

Banks, Financial Institutions and Third Party Payment Processors are constantly in the process of growth, acquisition or consolidation. Such consolidation and transformation needs can be draining on the institution’s resources with the constraints of paucity of skilled resources, limited cost and time.

We have executed a multitude of such transformations migrating portfolios from one platform to another of various complexities across the globe. We have institutionalized unique processes and methodologies to manage and execute end to end transformation of an institution’s portfolio from one processing application to another. Our methodologies ensure;

    • Independent management of the migration exercise
    • Smooth and uninterrupted end-customer experience
    • Seamless integration with a banking landscape
    • Adequate domain and systems experience to ensure all contingencies are considered
    • Accurate data mapping between systems
    • Timely and accurate implementations


Attra over the years has been successful in migrating credit card products from different systems (FBS, ICBS®, CardPac® , CardLink® , Equasion®, PRIME®, PowerCard®, VisionPLUS® and so on).

Attra’s Migration Methodology

Attra is well versed with all the typical migration approaches. We recommend the appropriate approach based on the business parameters and objectives. Common methodologies are;

  • Lift and Shift
  • Rip and Shift
  • Legacy Modernization
  • New Account Board

The implementation strategies vary depending largely on operating business conditions and could include;

  • Big Bang Approach
  • Incremental Cutover Approach
  • Parallel Run Approach

As migration projects carry potential business risks, a much disciplined approach is required to cautiously migrate and ensure zero data loss. Attra follows a tailored version of the REAP (Requirement- Engineer-Acceptance-Production Implementation), a comprehensive and proven Modular and Phase wise methodology. Attra’s in-house tools assist not only in speeding up the migration process but also markedly improves the accuracy of the migration.

Transformation Activities Undertaken
  • System Discovery
    • Understand existing platform and operating environment including product portfolio, features and interfaces under migration consideration
  • Gap Analysis
    • Identify the gaps between existing platform and proposed platform covering,
      • Technology Gaps
      • Functional Gaps
      • Operational Gaps
    • Mapping of functionalities/features available in the existing platform to base features available in the proposed platform and identifying customizations to the new platform
  • Business Process Mapping
    • Understand the existing process flow and propose potential process flow post migration, based on Client’s internal systems changes & process changes and new platform understanding
  • Migration Planning & Build
    • Formulating Migration Approach and Go-Live Strategy including System Balancing and Reconciliation Strategy, In-Flight Strategy, Data Clean Up Strategy
    • Finalize de-conversion layouts, translation tables and data extraction criteria to be used for data migration, finalize and perform Data Mapping
    • Data clean up on source system
    • Data extraction from source system, conversion programs with Recon and "footprint" reports and back out procedures for disaster recovery
  • Customization & Integration
    • Customization to bridge functional gaps between functionalities
    • Integration between satellite applications with the core platform
  • System Integration and on-Behalf User Acceptance Testing that includes;
    • Platform Testing
    • Migration Testing
    • Functional Testing
    • Interface Testing
    • Certification Testing, if required
    • Performance & Stress Testing
  • Production Implementation with Dress Rehearsals and Post Production Verification Support
  • User Training
Attra’s Migration Expertise

Attra has a track record of delivering large number of such transformation projects which spans across the entire gamut of analysis, development, testing and deployment lifecycle quoted above across various geographies such as Australia, Asia, Middle East, Africa and Europe with Banks as well as third party payment processors. The migration activities typically involve Issuing and Acquiring portfolios.

Attra’s track record in delivering turnkey system transformation and portfolio migration projects include;

  • Platform Version Upgrades
  • One Card platform to another
  • Portfolio Harmonization
  • Conventional Portfolio to Islamic Portfolio conversion
  • Merchant Migration
  • Loans Migration
Business Benefits
  • Attra's first hand experience with multiple migration approaches allows customers to understand and thus make a decision on an optimal approach
  • Outcome based approach guaranteeing end result within a fixed cost and time
  • Detailed reconciliation reporting of the demographic, financial and history data assures the highest level of data integrity and accuracy
  • Proprietary tools such as MIGRAUT and Comprehensive Test Case Repository to fast track test execution
  • PCI DSS certified offshore facility coupled with stringent ISMS policies to provide opportunity to execute project offshore thus reaping cost benefit to customer
  • Assured quality tollgates following CMMI Level 5 processes