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We are Attra.
And we make payments happen.

We’re constantly looking for new ways to innovate, create, and trail blaze. We combine decades’ worth of payment domain knowledge and technological expertise to give your business unmatched outcomes. Our team of over 2,000 associates are always looking for new ways to deliver payment solutions and transform your business.

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Our broad range of IT services include:

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Partner Ecosystem

Our partner ecosystem focuses on expanding our know-how, skills, and capabilities to deliver service excellence together and ultimately ensure support for our customers’ business needs.

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We provide services to some of the most prominent global banks and financial institutions. Some of our clients include;

  • Leading Global Card Issuer in Canada: Attra provides subject matter experts and consultancy on the payments domain as well as application support services on their receivables platform.
  • One of the largest banks in the UAE: Attra provides testing and consulting services for the bank
  • Large bank in Thailand: Attra provides end to end services from consultancy, application development and support, testing services covering the bank’s switching, fraud and receivables platform.
  • Largest white label ATM Service provider in North America: Offshore based 24X7 support services
  • Large financial institutions in US: Testing and Support services for a large transformation program
  • Large bank in Switzerland: End to End services for system transformation including consultancy, portfolio migration, application development, integration and testing services on the core receivables, fraud, switching and tertiary platforms. Attra also provides application support services to the bank.
  • Large financial services bank based in Australia: Attra provides consultancy, application development, testing as well as system integration services
  • Leading private banks in India: Multiple banks in India providing system integration, consultancy, application development, testing and application support services
  • Sub-prime lender based out of UK: Testing services for system transformation and regulatory requirements
  • Large bank in the UAE: Consultancy services in the issuing, acquiring domain as well as interchange including testing services

Given Attra’s services landscape and domain knowledge, we have particularly strong synergies with third party payment processors (TPP) that require high end skills in the issuing and acquiring domains, knowledge on interchanges, upstream and downstream interfaces and third party systems along with the ability to deliver with agility.We have built a strong clientele of third party payment processors (TPP) across the globe including;

  • Largest Third Party Processor and Acquirer in the UAE
  • Third Party Processor based out of Bahrain
  • Third Party Payment processor (TPP) based out of India serving India, Middle Eastern and Asian banks
  • Third Party Payment Processor (TPP) for retail cards based out of South Africa
  • Mauritius based third party payment processor (TPP)

Our services include offerings ranging from consultancy services with customers to gather requirements, project management services, solution design & architecture, implementation of small to large sized initiatives, onboarding new customers and products, testing services, maintenance of core and tertiary applications as well as portfolio migrations from one platform to another.

Our expertise covers the gamut of cards and payments including receivable applications, Collections, Originations, Clearing & Settlements, Chargebacks, Merchant Management, Device Management including POS & ATM, Switching, Interchanges, Channels, Simulators, Fraud Applications and so on thus offering a one-stop solution to our customers in this space.

Some of our customers include

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